2023 Random Thoughts

Dec 11, 2023

FFB Ugly X-Mas Tee

I was bored, so I just created a FFB Ugly X-mas T-shirt. Based off ugly X-mas sweaters, but since I deal with mainly t-shirts, I made an ugly T-Shirt.

Available from now until Dec 25 only. Also, please keep in mind that with ANY purchase from now until Dec 25, I will be donating 100% of profits to YOUR charity of choice. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO.



Dec 1, 2023

FFB Winter 2023 TEE'S

Dang, it's cold outside here in Texas which must mean it's winter time! And what better way to celebrate cold weather than with some new FFB tshirts? I release these new tee's about a month ago, but haven't done a write up about them so I figure I do so now. Read below for my inspos for each design.

The FFB Digital Camo Tee is a shout out to our military. I always try to have a new FFB pattern logo tee, and though I tried many different types of camo, I've never tried digital camo until now. So here you have it...
The FFB Rap Tee was inspired by how hot vintage 90's /2000's vibing rap tee's are today. I created one a few years ago when rap tee's weren't so hot, but now that they are, I figure I create an updated design using new imagery and layout.
The FFB Airbrush Tee was inspired by custom airbrush shops that used to rule in pretty much ALL shopping malls during the 90's. Man, I really miss those days.
The FFB is Everywhere Tee was inspired by the intriging powers and mystics of manifestation. I want FFB to be everywhere so I'm constantly am thinking that FFB is everywhere. Now ask yourself... is FFB everyhere?
The FFB GP Tee is inspired one of the greatest TV shows of all-time, South Park. GP stands for Grand Prairie, which is the city I was born and raised in. The dog on the tee is my dog, Bear Mai. RIP.

And finally, my last design for my Winter 2023 Tee’s, the FFBombi Tee was inspired by the Texas Rangers World Series win! I had some exclusive limited-time only World Series designs, but this one is a standard design that's more accessible to everyone. FFB always has to rep the DFW sports teams.
And there you have it. My inspirations for why I designed each tee for my Winter 2023 tee’s. Be sure to snag one up today because any of these tee's can randomly be unavailable at any given moment when my bi-polarism kicks in, so just cop before it’s too late. LOL. ALSO! Don's forget that with ANY purchase from now until Dec 25, I will be donating 100% of profits to YOUR charity of choice. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO.



Nov 3, 2023

Stop being poor!


Oct 1, 2023

Very satisfying video...


Sept 1, 2023

If you like Vietnamese pop-culture then come check out my new experimental brand, Walmak.


August 20, 2023

Do You Ever...

...wonder why you exist? If there's an after-life? Will you be around for the future? Will you even be relevant in the future? How will the world progress? How will you progress? Everything's so exciting but so scary at the same time.


July 27, 2023

My Wife's Summer 2023 Playlist

I needed some new content, so I asked my wife to put together a playlist of songs she's been listening to. One thing I asked her NOT to do was add any Taylor Swift. So yea, here's what she's been listening to...

and of course...

Hope your Summer is going well.

😎☀️❤️ - Fur Face Niky


July 12, 2023

The story of Zineage Dirtbag

In 2016 I needed a life reset, so I figured moving to SoCal would be the move. At first, I thought I’d move to LA, but I thought “Nah” because as much as I love LA, I felt that it would be too much to deal with to be honest. San Diego on the other hand, sounded perfect to me because it had a slower pace and more chill vibe, while maintaining SoCal energy and feels that I was desperately seeking. I also figured that if I ever wanted to go to LA, it was just a short drive away. So, yea.

When I first moved to San Diego, I really wanted to get a vibe of the scene and culture. I went around EVERYWHERE. If you ever plan on going to to SD, let me know and I’ll tell you exactly what to hit up. I originally planned to somehow release Fur Face Boy and have FFB events there eventually, but you wanna know something…I never did. Why? Because FFB was probably the last thing on my mind. A few months living in SD, I realized that the zine scene was pretty big. I could always find zines in cool shops like Verbatim Books, Bluestocking Books, and the now defunct Gym Standard to name a few places. I started to get really inspired to try and make my own zines and start something new in a new city. I also thought it‘d be the perfect time to meet new people and catch on to SoCal personalities and lifestyle.

When I lived in Dallas, I used to work at the Half Price Books corporate office on NW Highway as a junior graphic designer. Being there opened my eyes to the zine world because there used to be this little corner in front of the store that allowed the public to put out their business cards, flyers, brochures, want ads, stickers, and zines. I remember picking up a random zine, I don’t even remember the title, but it was just a letter sized paper folded in half with the the most terrible layout. It was hard to read, the photocopying was so distressed, it wasn’t even staple bound but instead just folded in half with nothing holding it together. The center page spread was all over the floor, and man, I just remember how deeply I was touched reading an article about the author’s love for Texas. I really wish I had kept that zine, but it must’ve got lost over the years, but man, the feeling of finding thay zine, analyzing it, and eventually reading it just hit different. Like, in my hands was a self-published, self-distributed, DIY work of art created by someone with no clear formal training on how to compile thoughts, type, imagery, and layout, let alone print it too? Now THAT to me was the true art itself, and I found it to be absolutely beautiful and fascinating at the same time.

Along with finding new zines from time to time while working at Half Price Books, I was fortunate enough to have access to the entire HPB flagship store. I’d always find cool gems like Craphound Magazine, Special Zine books, cool design books, and rad art magazines like Art Prostitute, vintage Juxapoz and Giant Robot magazines, and so much more. Reading all this stuff inspired me to want to create my own zine, so I made one, my first zine was titled My Idiot Left Hand. A perzine (personal zine) about me coming to age (or at least trying to), I guess. There were also music reviews, restaurant reviews, poetry, random photos I took, and drawings I drew in it. I remember making that zine and having this feeling of total freedom and how amazing it felt. Losing myself in the writing, designing, layout, printing, and distribution. This zine was probably the first adult art project where I 100% did it how I envisioned it without anyone’s suggestions, direction, or demand, and to this very day, my main objective is to ALWAYS seek that feeling in whatever I do.

My love for zine and zine-making was later injected into Fur Face Boy in 2015 when I created a zine called, ‘FFB Issues’. This was supposed to be an ongoing bi-monthly FFB specific zine that would always include an exclusive product to go along with the zine, issue 1 obviously came with a t-shirt and issue 2 came with an exclusive pin pack. I got this idea from having bought Bape magazines and how they’d always come with cool shit. So yea, I ran FFB issues for two issues before I stopped doing it. It was just too much to handle and it didn’t feel like I was creating these for myself, but rather for others, so I was turned off with the idea pretty quickly. At the same time, my mind was already wandering away from FFB and wanting to move to Cali to get away from Texas.

So anyways, back to 2016 and San Diego. I remember searching for art things to do in San Diego and saw that there was a zinefest coming up. It didn’t take me long to make up my mind and want to be apart off this. So I went to the SD zinefest site and immediately applied to be apart of the fest. This would be my first ever zinefest, so I really wanted to stand out and see if living in San Diego brought out another side of my art, and it did! I was ambitious and created 10 zines plus a special package set that came with special pin sets and a t-shirt. I named my zines under a new brand, Zineage Dirtbag and took branding cues from the late 90’s band Wheatus, best known for their 2000 hit Teenage Dirtbag. I figured the word teen rhymed with zine, plus the fact that my zines where just absolute disgusting, immature, filth that ZINEAGE DIRTBAG was the perfect name! I used what I knew of how I ran FFB back in Texas and applied it to Zineage Dirtbag for San Diego. I remember lining up real early in the morning to set up my table. In line I made a new friend, Francesca, she came down to SD from LA by train and didn’t know anyone, so I was like fuck it, get to know me and I’ll get to know you. She was my table neighbor and we had so much fun because they sold beer and wine at the fest and we just got lit TF up off wine. I met so many people, and I honestly didn’t give a shit about what I said or did because I still had this Texas arrogance in me, all my Texans know that feeling, you know, that…‘Fuck You I’m from Texas’ feeling and you know what…people didn’t care. It felt so good to talk to new people and fuck around with everyone. Especially a different kind a people - the extremely liberal, artsy, weirdass, zine California kind of people. LOL.

From then on through 2019, I was always on the hunt for the next zinefest. I would table at multiple SD zine fests, LA zine fests, Long Beach and Pomona zinefests. My zines could be found at the before mentioned, Verbatim Books on their infamous zine wall. I would always try to make a new ‘extremely shocking’; zine with every fest I tabled at. This was kinda a homage to me always having a new FFB tee when I did an event while I was living in Texas. Along with zines, I also had extremely offensive t-shirts. I also tabled at the 2018 DesignerCon in Anaheim. The zine days were always a good time. I would always table with my two zine buddies, HAZ and DCAY. We’d always have endless packs of beer under our tables, drink and vend at the same time, and hand out beers to cool customers chilling, bullshitting, and having fun with EVERYONE. Sometimes, I felt that it was more of a social/ beerfest than a zinefest. LOL. Damn, theose were great times. Man, I really miss those days.

I tried to sell my zines online by opening its own webstore for a while, and even sharing FFB’s webstore to save on monthly fees, but they weren’t moving online like they did at events, and instead taking up space in both my physical AND digital world! And if you know me, you know I hate clutter! As we all know, the 2020 pandemic killed off a lot of events, not surprisingly zinefests, so that made it even harder to move Zineage Dirtbag items out. Honestly, the pandemic is what ended my Zineage Dirtbag experiment. That, plus me moving back to Texas in late 2021, I figure I needed to officially end it. I killed off my Zineage Dirtbag Instagram account, eventually got rid of most of my Zineage Dirtbag tee’s, but as for some of the zines, I still have. I was thinking of just burning them all in a steel drum like a bum during a NYC winter, but its TOO fucking hot in Texas now to burn anything, so that’s why I put them up as the FFB Random Item of the Month for July.

My Zineage Dirtbag days definitely hold a special place in my heart because believe it or not, it helped me grow a ton, and take my thoughts, feelings, and art to another level. It also helped me meet new people, have tons of fun and memories, and help give me a confidence to not give a shit about what people think to an even greater extent. I always feel like we’re all constantly growing, learning, and trying to understand ourselves as individuals and it’s doing things like this that really helps push figuring yourself out a little more and more. So yea, buy some Zineage Dirtbag zines if you like. If not, it’s cool, I’ll just burn them all later.

I talk a little bit about Zineage Dirtbag on this podcast. You can listen to it HERE.

✌️❤️🙂 - Zineage Dirtbag


July 5, 2023

From my sister-in-law, Liyah...

"Hi, my name is Liyah and I'm fundraising for my bestfriend's Husky, Rosie. Her owner needs the funds to support Rosie and her puppies. Rosie is the sweetest girl but was taken advantage of by a stray when she went on an adventure a couple months ago. When her owner found her, she was immediately taken to the vet on the account of 'not being her usual self'. While the vet did not find any issues, she was treated for inflamed paws and was back to her usual self a few days later. Without any obvious signs for 2 months, she suddenly gave birth to 2 beautiful husky puppies.

Our goal is to fundraise close to $1000 to cover for food, supplies, and vet bills for the next 6 months. It's important to us that we see Rosie's puppies grow healthy and strong."

Help Liyah, Liyah's bestfriend, Liyah's bestfriend's Husky, Rosie and Rosie's puppy dogs by clicking HERE.

🐕🐶🐾❤️ - FFB


July 3, 2023


As June fades away and July creeps in, here are some wins and losses for June 2023…

• New Summer 2023 tee’s were released! So yay to that...

• On the other hand, sales were very weak with only 2 total sales. I was kind of expecting this though because I knew the FFB comeback high has faded some. It’s cool though 🥲

• The top selling tee for June with 2 sales was the FFB Super #1 Friends Tee, followed by one sale of each tee: FFB 404 Error Tee, FFB Explorer Tee, FFB Creative Dept Tee, and FFB Tie-Dye Logo Tee. Thank you Shirley and Theresa!

• Not much to report for June except for that it’s hot af outside and it makes me not wanna do anything. I’m trying to work up an in-person event, but I’m not even sure it would be worth it casue it’s so damn hot outside. I'm thinking if I don't wanna go out, then I’m sure others don’t wanna go out either. I have some places in mind though, but I think I'll just wait til it's cooler. Man, I don't know, we’ll see.

See you guys in July.

✌️❤️🙂 - FFB


June 26, 2023


Aren't we glad that summer is here? No sitting in boringass school, summer vacations, staying up late, dope music, and girls in bikinis and daisy dukes. But just remember to have your car windshield visors ready and crack those windows down a little because it's gonna be hot AF, especially here in Texas. Anyways, I just wanted to let you all know about 6 new Summer tee's I just released and give you guys a short background story for why I designed what I did. Read on to find out...

The inspo behind the FFB 3D Bubbly Tee was that ever since I was a kid, I always felt Summer always had this bubbly pop / fun laughter vibe to it. Even to this day, I don't know, I just have that same very specific 'poppy' feel, so I designed a tee trying to represent that feeling somehow. At first I was gonna set the design's colors to like pink, purple, and teal to play off bubble gum pop, cotton candy, and  youthful energy, but I'd thought to myself…”Nah, that'd be too lame”, so I set to bring back the original FFB colorway of brown and cyan. I think it still works and represents the FFB brand much better. The design was set with the 'inflate' 3D tool in Adobe Illustrator to give it that bubbly 3D effect. I added a quick tutorial vid below for those interested in seeing how it's done. All in all, I think the design represents that Summer time poppy feel while representing the FFB brand pretty well.
For the FFB Forest Camo Tee, I wanted to design a logo pattern that represented outdoors life. I don’t know, I just remember as a kid, my brothers and I would always just be hanging out outside during the summer (I guess we just didn’t know any better to realize it was hot AF outside) playing tag, baseball, hide-and-go-seek, trading baseball cards with the neighbor kids, riding bikes to the nearby gas station to buy candy, ice cream, and comics, walking to nearby creeks, fishing with makeshift fishing poles that never even worked, going into under construction homes to fuck shit up, and just fucking around all day until it was dark and come home for dinner before mom got too heated and worried. Now as an adult, I don’t know why, but I find myself going to Bass Pro Shop and Cabela’s way too much and for no reason now, so I think it subliminally festered in my mind along with my summertime childhood outdoor memories to create this design in my mind and for me to actually make it happen. Anyways, I always wanted a dark brown FFB t-shirt too but never had one, so here it is…
The WWFFB Tee is a clear play off the old school 80’s / 90’s WWF wrestling logo. I always thought the chrome on that particular logo looked so fuck’n rad, and to top it off, I LOVED watching wrestling on Saturdays right when Saturday morning cartoons was over. My brothers and I absolutely loved all the characters and we always liked to wrestle each other on the living room floor because we were so hyped up from watching, and if I wasn’t wrestling my brothers, I’d be wrestling the couch pillows because my mom wouldn’t get me a WWF Wrestling Buddie. Anyways, this design is a clear homage to my love for wrestling back in the day. Sucks though, I can name probably 95% of wrestlers from the 80’s and 90’s, maybe 15-20% from the early 2000’s, but these days? Man, I don’t know shit. Fuck, I’m so fuck’n lame now…
One of my fav tee’s from the Summer 2023 tee’s has got to be the FFB Doodie Tee. If you don’t know what I’m playing homage to in this design then on god, just leave this website right now. Green Day’s Dookie album, though released in February of  1994, was on continuous play from my older brother’s room and car all summer long back in ’94. Back then, the group of AZN kids I was hanging out with at the time HATED Green Day (and any alt rock at that) and instead was into wackass Euro Freestyle pop dance shit (which I’ve come to appreciate more now than then). They called Green Day ‘waver’ music and said it sucked, but man, I fuck’n loved it. Dookie was SO good then, still holds, and actually, I like it even more as an adult because I can actually understand what the lyrics are actually about now. The ENTIRE album fuck’n rocks from beginning to end, and perfectly describes that ‘fun poppy’ summertime vibe I felt back then and today, but in a poppy punk-rock way. I really think this album is what helped spark and create that feeling I have inside. I can jam to this album at this very moment and that feeling immediately comes back to me. Opening with Burnout, leading into Having a Blast, Chump, and Longview, middle with Welcome to Paradise, Pulling Teeth, Basketcase and She, man, this album is too good and I did’t even say shit about When I come Around and In the End yet. Easily my fav Green Day album. Hell, to be honest, maybe one of my own personal top 5 albums of all-time. No fuck’n lie. Anyways, yea, the FFB Doodie tee is inspired by Green Day’s Dookie album. Which you can listen to below. FUN FACT: I was gonna title this design the FFB Doo Doo tee, but I went with Doodie instead cause it’s a closer spelling to Dookie. Took me like 2 hours to decide that. UGH.
The FFB Yearbook Photo Tee was designed based off you know how back in the day, during that last week of school you finally get yearbooks in and then you get all your classmates to sign it and that anticipation of Summer break looms and you just get so fuck’n excited that school is about to be over, and then you look for your photo in the yearbook and you look all fuck’n dumb and fucked up and shit. That was my inspiration with this design. I also downloaded the new Photoshop Beta and wanted to fuck around with the new generative AI fill, so yea, this design was like 50% designed by AI. Pretty wild, huh? LOL.
And finally, my last design for my Summer 2023 Tee’s, Fur Face Guy was one based off one of my fav TV shows, Family Guy. Man, honestly, I don’t watch it too much anymore because man, I just don’t understand how to watch TV anymore, but when I did watch this show, I fuck’n loved it! I had like all of the DVD sets up til like season 6 too. Anyways, back in the early 2000’s when I was in college, I remember staying up and watching TF out of this show real late into the night on Adult Swim.  But yea, I figure I like the show so I create a FFB tee in the Family Guy art style. This is also the first tee in a lonnnnng time where I added my dog, Bear Mai back into a design. I was gonna make the design on either a black or royal blue tee, but I figure I got too many black and royal tee’s, so I set it on kelly green because it also represents Peter Griffin’s Irish heritage. Not that anyone would care, but I do, so yea.
And there you have it. My reasons and deep rooted inspirations for why I designed each tee for my Summer 2023 tee’s. Be sure to snag one up today because they’ll only be available until September 1st, becasue that’s the end of Summer…I think, right? Man, I don’t fuck’n know. Just cop before it’s too late. LOL.



June 18, 2023

The Flash
movie review in a text convo with the homie, the super talented Hazen Becker part 2...

• Story: C
• Cast: C-
• Humor: F
• Action: C-
• Still thought about the movie after watching it: F
• Does FFB recommend watching? NO
BONUS BULLET POINT: My friend Hazen's score: although he never outright told me, I'm going to guess somewhere in the mid 70's.

• Currently in theatres, but don't bother watching it. It Fuckn sucks.

🍿 - FFB (Movie Reviewer Edition)


June 16, 2023

The Flash
movie review in a text convo with the homie, the super talented Hazen Becker...

Snag something from Hazen's Etsy shop today, will ya?!

- FFB (Movie Reviewer Edition)


June 9, 2023

Read below some FFB highlights for the month of May 2023...

• For the first time ever, I tried an idea I've always had in mind, a FREE EXCLUSIVE T-SHIRT when you purchase a specific dollar amount. I got this idea from when I was a kid, you could either buy like cereals, action figures, or comics, then collect the UPCs, mail them off and in return you'd get like cool exclusive stuff. I tried this idea at a good time because the Dallas Stars were in the playoffs, so I figure let's try a FFB Dallas Stars inspired exclusive tee if you make at least a $50 purchase. It was the top selling shirt for May with 8 purchases...

Thank you to everyone who snagged one of these very exclusive and limited shirts. A big thanks to Theresa for snagging multiple and repping! Although the Stars didn't win it all, it was a fun run and experiment on my part. I'll probably be doing this again sometime down the line with another exclusive design.

• Sales were steady for May and I also received a sale from Germany (Thanks, Andreas)! It's always good to make a FFB sale outside the states. SO COOL! The top selling tee for May was, as I said earlier, the FFB Dallas Hockey Tee, followed by the FFB Eleprint Tee, and then the FFB Haters Tee to round out the top 3!

• I tried my best to get a kiosk going at Southwest Center Mall (formerly Red Bird Mall) so I could do an in-person thing, but after relentless attempts and NUMEROUS phone calls, NUMEROUS left messages, NUMEROUS emails, NUMEROUS online contact submissions, and even literally driving there, walking to the leasing office to ask how I can get a kiosk going; their offices were closed when I showed up! There was ZERO help, so finally I was just like...Man, fuck this place! I'll just try another to find another spot then. Oh well, at least I tried, and you never know unless you try.

But yea, all in all, a pretty decent month, I would say. I have some things cooking up for June, so stay tuned!

✌️❤️🙂 - FFB


May 25, 2023


Did you know that in FFB's 14 year history there has only been one, yes, JUST ONE Dallas Stars inspired product prior to the recent 'FFB Dallas Hockey' tee?

In 2013, I released FFB Series 8 and back then whenever I released a new series of tee's, I always accompanied it with a pin set. Well, in that pin set was the very-hard-to find FFB 'Dallas Stars' pin...

I created 25 Series 8 pin set packs. Pin set online sales never went well for me, but always flew off the shelves everytime I did in-person events. I don't do many in-person events anymore, hence the reason why I stopped making pins, but maybe one day I'll bring pin sets back?

Also, did you guys know that during my 14 year history, I've only designed TWO Dallas Cowboys inspired FFB products. A tee from my 2009 debut year Series 1 collection, and a pin from the same Series 8 pin pack that had the Dallas Stars inspired pin. Texas Rangers FFB inspired products run at 4 and Dallas Mavs inspired FFB products run at a whopping 10+. I guess this is a gauge of how much I love each of the Dallas pro sports teams. LOL.

Anyways, I really do hope the Stars win tonight. Dallas deserves another pro sports championship anyway it can get it and I love seeing the mood of the city anytime one of our pro sports teams wins! Also, don't forget to pick up your FREE 'FFB Dallas Hockey' tee! This may be your last chance....or is it???



May 9, 2023

So one of my personal favorite t-shirts was one I bought in Honolulu, Hawaii back in 2017. I call it my $1,000 t-shirt. Here's why...

This was my girlfirend (now wife) and I's first trip ever to Hawaii. When we first got there we did a lot of your typical exploring, eating, beaches, and shopping. I came across this really cool shop called MONI HONOLULU. It's a Japanese brand that sells a bunch of 'suntanned Charlie Brown characters' t-shirts. Since I'm such a big fan of t-shirts AND Charlie Brown, I definitely had to snag one of these unique and in-store only tee's! The thing though was that the check-out line was long AF and I didn't want to wait because my girl and I were both hungry AF as well. So I figure since our hotel was near the shop, I'll be sure to pick up a tee between then and the time I fly back home to San Diego (this was when I was living in California).

Anyways, a week passed and it was our last day in Hawaii and I still have't bought a tee, so we planned to go have lunch at a place near the MONI shop and then head to the airport to catch our flight home. My girl wanted to get something quick to eat so that I had time to get my 'Suntanned Charlie Brown & Snoopy' tee, but I've been wanting to try this black hamburger at this restuarant nearby MONI. My girl said..."WTF? We don't have time!", but I said..."Stop stressing. We got plenty of time." We eventually ate at the restaurant where I ordered the all black hamburger. Honestly, it tasted like a normalass burger, except for that it had black buns. Whatever. So yea, after that, I went to the MONI shop, and not to my surprise the line was thick AF! My girl told me AGAIN..."WTF? We don't have time!", but it was A MUST that I cop this shirt! We were cutting it real close to making our flight home, but I just had to get this shirt! So after waiting probably 20 mins in line and paying $40, I got the shirt and we immediately headed to the airport. We made it with about 30 minutes before the plane took off, but by then, the airline attendant told us that we had to board like an hour before the flight. WTF?!

So yea, we had to stay back an additional night in Honolulu. I had to book a room and pay additional airline fees that costed us over well over $1,000. My girl was heated AF. I told her to look on the brightside, we get to stay in Hawaii for another night. She wasn't feeling it and was pissed at me the rest of the time. Oh well, at least I got my Suntanned Charlie Brown & Snoopy tee. And that is why I call it my $1,000 t-shirt. I tell people this story everytime I wear it and I can sense by looking at their face that they don't give AF. So it makes me wonder after you read this if you gave AF?

So worth it...

🤔😊😎 - FFB


May 1, 2023

So there you have it, Fur Face Boy has officially been back for one month and I must admit..."It feels great to be back!" Within this one month return, WE were able to accomplish so much! Check out some of the highlights below...

• Bring the site / shop back as THEfurfaceboy.com after furfaceboy.com had been taken over by some muscleneck workout supplement site.

• Release 84 remastered designs! This includes 2 new limited edition, time-sensitive designs, some brand new designs, and a random item of the month, which will be a monthly staple moving forward.

• Establish direct FFB shopping experiences from Facebook and Instagram. OMG, this was such a pain in the ass to setup, but I managed to somehow make it happen. When there's a will, there's a way! UGH.

• Surprisingly have steady sales for all of April from thoughout the U.S. and also a sale from the U.K. (Thanks, Michael)! The top selling tee for April was the Black Left Chest Logo Tee followed by the FFB x Deli Fresh Threads Tee and then the FFB Super #1 Friends Tee to round out the top 3!

• Reconnect with old and new FFB customers / fans! I love the messages and emails! Keep them coming and I will try my very best to always respond!

• Be a guest on a podcast! Listen to episode 14 of the Lunch with Biggie podcast to hear about how I started FFB and where I envision it for the future! Big shout out to Biggie for reaching out and letting me be on his show. Listen HERE.

• And finally, create a collab tee with Deli Fresh Threads with all of the profits going to Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida! Our low-end goal is $100 and our high-end goal is $200+, so far we've managed to gather $116 with only ONE MORE DAY LEFT to go! So if you haven't picked up a collab tee yet and want to help a great cause, GET IT HERE NOW.

I'm really happy to be back and just letting things happen at it's own pace. I have so many more ideas and some really, really, REALLY cool things I want to try that I have never tried before, so we'll see if I can make it happen in May. Thank you to you all for the continued love and support of the brand. It truly means everything to me! Stay tuned to see what's coming up next!

✌️❤️🙂 - FFB


April 28, 2023

So yea, I've been meaning to hit you guys up with my review of the movie, Air starring Matt Damon and Ben Affleck (also directed by Ben Affleck) but I kept forgetting to. Anyways, here it is...

Man, I kept on checking the Rotten Tomatos grade and it was constantly in the 90's for BOTH the critic and audience rating and thought..."WTF? How tf a movie about a shoe rock such a constant high grade? I gotta see what this shit is all about." So I caught the last showing a few weeks ago at the theatre next to my place...

After watching it, I could finally understand how it's graded in the A/ 90's range. Everything was awesome! The cast, the writing, the story-telling, the direction, and the feeling of being brought back to that early 80's aesththic and era was quite impressive. From the clothes, to the props, and the soundtrack. The vibes were outstanding. And this is a story about a damn shoe. I mean, we know it's a shoe that revolves around an extremely iconic personality, but the origin of how Nike and Michael Jordan come together made me feel the way I feel after EVERY single job interview I've ever had in my life. The roller coaster feeling of searching, wanting, envisioning, planning, believing in yourself, presenting, and playing the waiting game was all edge-of-your-seat, anxiety-filled anticipation, drama at it's very best. And there's a particular scene that had me nervous, literally laughing out loud, and feeling very inspired all at the same time.

I absolutely loved this movie, so if you have some time to kill this weekend, I would HIGHLY recommend it to anyone whether you're a sports / sneaker fan or not. Its also a great movie to take a break from all the super hero movies that are constantly pounded in our face these days. I would say it's nice breath of fresh Air. See what I did there?

• Story: A+
• Cast: A+
• Humor: A-
• Drama: A+
• Still thought about the movie after watching it: A
• Does FFB recommend watching? YES
• Currently in theatres. Find tickets HERE.

- FFB (Movie Reviewer Edition)


April 21, 2023

Man, sometimes I sit back and think to myself that I REALLY AM living in the year 2023. Like back when it was 1993, I'd think 2023 would be a world made up of robots and flying cars. And though flying cars aren't a thing just quite yet, robots have definitely made a mark on today's world, so much so that they're writng and producing music - IN THE VOICE of many of our most beloved and celebrated musicians.

A.I. music is both at the same time, kinda cool and EXTREMELY creepy.

Just this past week I listened to the new Drake featuring The Weeknd track, Heart on my Sleeve. After I gave it a listen, I thought to myself..."Man, this is pretty dope." Then I came to find out that it was AI generated and thought..."Man....TF?" Check out the track below:

And on top of that AI generated track, I stumbled upon AI generated music by Nirvana...

An ENTIRE album by the very specific timeframe 1995-97 versions of the rock band, Oasis dubbed as AIsis...

and a Plain White Tee's cover of Hey There Deliah by Kanye West...

Not only has AI been generating music to an exact T, but it has also generated deep fake characterizations like these...

AND ON TOP OF ALL OF THAT, AI is even generating some pretty damn good (and pretty eerie) art as well...


What do you guys think of AI generated art? It makes it even more hard to know what is actually real in a world flooded with clickbait articles and link click traps. Do you guys think that one day computers / robots will take over all creativity and any jobs that relate to creative vision? Do you guys think that one day all who work in the creative field will revolt against the machine and that a robot wars will ensue? Do you guys think that not only will robots take all creative positions, but ALL jobs in the workforce? Man, that'd be so crazy. Who knows?

Anyways, I hope you guys have a good weekend.

🤖- FFB


April 20, 2023

There are two very specific basic things that I've never done ever in my life...

1) I've never taken a shit on an airplane before, and this is coming from a guy that's not shy about taking shits whenever / wherever I need to take a shit.

2) I've never once stepped foot into a Burlington Coat Factory before.

I may finally visit a Burlington store though because I live like 5 minutes away from one, but I honestly don't foresee myself taking a shit on an airplane anytime soon.

Tell me, what are some basic things that you never done before? Hit me up and let me know and maybe I'll post a few on this page. Don't be shy! Let me know: [email protected]

🪣 - FFB


April 17, 2023

Over the weekend, my wife pushed me to watch - for the first time ever, the 2011 comedy, Bridesmaids.

I've always heard good / funny things about the movie, particularly a certain scene, so I thought to mysef..."F it. I'll watch it, why not?"

I thought it was not only pretty funny, but also charming, a bit inspirational, and the budding relationship between Kristen Wiig's character, Annie and Chris O'Dowd's character, Rhodes to be kinda heartwarming. I also found it to be absolutely fascinating that there in not a single smart phone in the movie, especially for being a movie from 2011. Anyways, I'll give Bridesmaids a bordeline A-.

• Story: B+
• Cast: A-
• Humor: A-
• Still thought about the movie after watching it: B-
• Does FFB recommend watching? YES
• FINAL SCORE: 89.49
• Currently streaming on HULU

- FFB (Movie Reviewer Edition)


April 13, 2023

Isn't it wild that Nestlé own Ralph Lauren Polo?

And that only 10 corporations own pretty much every other brand you can think of...

Are we all just another moving cog in their system? Weird.

🤔 - FFB


April 7, 2023

As I get older, I always think back and wonder why schools never taught us these extremely important things:

1) Marriage / Relationships
2) How to read a pay stub
3) How to invest
4) Dangers of credit cards
5) Understanding taxes
6) How to read nutrition facts label
7) How to purchase a home
8) Simplfying life
9) Living below your means
10) Understanding value

Instead, I learned about how many veins a leaf has. Weird.

🤔 - FFB


April 5, 2023

Why is it that a completely built building is called a building? It's complete and no longer in the building process, so why isn't it called a 'built' instead?

🤔 - FFB


April 1, 2023

No joke, I gotta keep it real, I’ve been wanting to end Fur Face Boy for like the past 3 years now. I even have a final farewell letter written for all of the fans that helped support the brand the last 14 years saved on my phone in my notes app. When I read it, I kinda tear up. I can’t imagine my life without Fur Face Boy, so instead of ending him, I let him linger. He’s always in the back of my mind, always on top of mind, and will always and forever be mine. I love him. 100% absolutely, positively, hands down, without a doubt - LOVE. HIM. 

“So if you love him so much, then why have you’ve been ignoring him” - you ask? Because even at age 41, I was still trying to figure out what I really wanted out of life. After a shit-ton of deep talks with my now wife, years, upon years of soul searching, and moving back to my beloved Texas from California, I’m finally realizing that I’m at an extremely happy place. My mind, body, soul and spirit feel rejuvenated. And with that rejuvenation comes a rejuvenated FFB.

I’m hyped and pumped to FINALLY bring FFB back! I have to thank my wife for encouraging me. There would be days where I’m just fuckn around watching Netflix, and she’ll say to me, she’ll say…”Why won’t you bring FFB back instead of being a piece of shit?” and then I’d think to myself, I’d think…”You fuckn genius! I think I WILL bring FFB back!”

But then I’d think…”But how can I when I’ve lost my web domain for the past 3 years now?” (furfaceboy.com is now like a men’s meathead workout and supplement site), then just two months ago my little sister-in-law says to me, she says…”Why won’t you just put the word THE in front of furfaceboy.com” I told her…”Yea, that’s an idea.”, but in my mind I really thought to myself…”You fuckn genius! I think I WILL put the word THE in front of furfaceboy.com!”

On top of my wife and sister-in-law’s suggestions, I started another t-shirt project with my brother-in-law and it really got my creative juices flowing. This was a feeling I was missing for quite some time now and I wanted to reroute this energy to bring FFB back! To top off this massive jolt of FFB positivity, I recently received TWO out of the blue random FFB orders (Shout out to Chino Torres and Michael Boyle) from a site not many people know about where you could still order some FFB. I just thought to myself…”WTF? People actually still want FFB? WTF man, I think I WILL bring FFB back then!”

So here we are today, welcome to THEfurfaceboy.com. FFB is back and I can’t be anymore excited and happier! This is my show and I get to control however I want to run things and I absolutely love it! I know times have drastically changed since I first started FFB in 2009. The internet, production, marketing, and overall lifestyle have grown from a monster to a MEGA-monster in 2023. From social media, to print methods, overall style/ trends, to prices - I kept all of that in mind while planning this comeback...


• I hate it
• Fuck social media
• Though Twitter helped me gain a big audience back in the day, I had to delete it because it was killing TOO MUCH of my time and brain cells.
• I will only use Instagram sparingly
    - I don’t even know what half of the new features are or how to use them

• I don’t even know how to use Facebook at all anymore
    - Facebook fuckn sucks anyways

• I don’t fuck with Snapchat
• I don’t fuck with YouTube because I hate being recorded or photographed
• I don’t fuck with Tic-Tok
• And no, I don’t plan on being part of the Metaverse. FUCK THAT.
• All in all, I know social media is a big player with any business / brand, but fuck it.
            - I don’t fuck with stressing out over digital life


• I’ve gone from screen-printing to Direct-to-Garment printing
• Reasons why I print DTG now:

  1. On demand printing
  2. Much, much faster
  3. I don't have to order blanks in bulk anymore
  4. I don’t have space for inventory nor do I have to sit on inventory
  5. Easier to print photo-like designs
  6. The quality is pretty damn amazing
  7. Saves me time, energy, and stress
    - I don’t fuck with stress no more


• I try not to follow trends
• I just design what I want and then group it it together with other designs that fit the era / theme I currently have in mind
• You’re wearing a FFB shirt. 100% you will stand out from the crowd
    - FFB fans are cult-like
    - I like to think that FFB is the best of the small independent brands
    - I like to think FFB fans stay true and are proud to represent because FFB is their ‘little known secret’

• I’m not going to fuck around with any other garments other than the t-shirt
    - I want to keep it simple this time around

• How come there are so many designs?
    - I hand-selected my favs throughout FFB’s 14 year history, remastered the designs, and added some new ones for 2023
    - I plan on releasing new designs bi-monthly

• Every month I will have a new Random Item where it’s literally a random item


• 99% of FFB is set at $21.99
• The lower price point reflects:
    - DTG printing
    - non-made in USA blank
    - staying competitive with Big Box and Fast Fashion graphic T’s
    - wanting everybody to be able to afford a unique, not heavily produced brand

• Shipping is set to $6 and an additional $1 for every added shirt (EX: 1 shirt order 21.99 + $6. 2 shirt order 43.98 + $7). This is domestic only.
• I have to include tax now because Uncle Scam always wants his share. Ugh.
• If you like FFB snag yourself some, and if you don’t then you don’t. It's all good.
• If I make no sales or make 1 Billion+ sales, I’m happy. I feel like I already won.

Thanks for sticking with me. Keep coming back to this link for more ‘Random Thoughts’. Tell your friends, your family, and your enemies and let them know I'm back! Email me anytime. My new email is [email protected]. I’d love to hear your feedback. Fur Face Boy always and forever!

✌️❤️🙂 - FFB